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Importance Of Technology In Oil And Gas Industry

Importance Of Technology In Oil And Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry provides almost 55% of the energy need in the world.  Apart from providing energy, it comes in many other purposes to make our life easy and comfortable. The oil and gas industry is amongst the important industries of the country as it highly affects the country’s economy.  Technology has been serving for years in the oil and gas industry to make more effective in producing hydrocarbons in the global world. The development of the oil and gas industry directly or indirectly depends upon the technology for its growth and development. The development of technology has immensely helped in fulfilling the need for energy in a cost-effective, safer environmentally friendly manner.

Importance of technology usage

In the past decade, technology has shown its worth in providing the advancement of the oil and gas industry. The invention of technologies for drilling, transportation, cleaning, inspection, etc has made the extraction and conversion of hydrocarbon molecules and their supply to the different parts of the country and across the world easier.

The technology has an impact on the oil and gas industry right from the time of detecting the place of oil under the ground to purification and then till it comes in the market for the sell and marketing. The machinery is playing the important role in the cost-effective production of crude oils. It is responsible for the designing, installation, and extraction process of the oil from the oil field. The technology has extended the limitations of geologists and surveyors in finding the oil and gas fronts.

The technology behind the Oil and Gas Industry

There are many technologies working in this industry. For identifying the oil residing areas Ariel sensing technologies are being used to combine with 2D and 3D imaging for more clear visualization. This technology helps in finding the places where there is the possibility of the existence of the oil.

Special robots are being designed for inspection and security. Vehicles with remote access are designed for autonomous underwater movement. Hydraulic fracturing, horizontal drilling are some technologies used in drilling and have made it easy to access the oil and frozen land as well as in-depth water areas.

The 4D seismic monitoring is a gift of technology to this industry as helps in monitoring the field and mapping without getting on to the field of production.

The tanks are made by using techniques where there is less risk of accidents and have less environmental risk. The invention of Carbon capture and storage is that example of the safer modern technique tank. There is a technology for cleaning the tanks in a safer way and environment-friendly way.

Bottom Line

Technology is considered as the heart of the achievements in the oil and gas field. It has not only made things happen in a smoother way but they are also very cost-effective. It has made it possible to extract oil from the field which was once considered depleted and thus improved the rate of production

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