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Television is the widely used medium of infotainment since the early 20th century. Its usage was decreased only after the introduction of the internet. But still, the entertainment industry is dependent on televisions. Many of us can not even live without a TV, as it is still one of the most used sources of entertainment in our houses.

In recent times, the introduction of digital cable, set-top boxes, HD and 3D broadcasts has been a breakthrough in the television industry. New technology is on the market now and it is just in its opening phase and is known as the IPTV, which has wide features for interactivity. With lots of technology giant companies are in the phase of creating new technologies in the entertainment and media industries, this technology can be a breakthrough.

IPTV technology has the capability to receive and display video contents which will be encoded as packets of internet protocols. This technology has the capability to broadcast high resolution, fast and smooth video content.

Telecommunication companies are the ones who are going to introduce this technology to the market. IP Technology can transmit video through networks of all types which also includes cable networks.

Working on IPTV

IPTV system will reintroduce the set-top box technology. The data packets will be grouped and will be added to the video stream and will be decoded after that. This process is done with the set-top box, which will be connected to the DSL line.

This process can be done by a PC too, but as it is not practical to have a PC always on beside the TV, set-top boxes are preferred. The videos are grabbed by the Telco national head from the satellites and are encoded. Telco’s core network will break the video content into IP packets and add them to it. This core network also deals with voice and data signals. There won’t be any fragmentation problems or delay in the signal. As various operators have communication tie-ups, there will be enough bandwidths for the signal at most of the TVs.

How Does it work?

This technology is completely reliable for its quality. The video data content will be received at the nearby ground station office and will be transmitted to the households. Here the local contents like the advertisements; local TV channels, etc. are added.

There is a middleware for IPTV which is housed at these local stations. This middleware software will do all the processes like billing, user authentication, requests for VoD channel selection, etc.

Data Transfer is done by IPTV

As a part of the data transfer method, the various channels transmit data at the same time and there will be a data overlap situation at the local office. This overlap situation is known as the local DSL loop. This situation can be avoided by using high data transfer speed cable systems, which are available now.

Bottom Line

The importance of technology is evident in this IPTV system that will revolutionize the entire broadcasting media. This technology will bring changes in the television sector, which can eradicate the problems faced by television due to the increased usage of the internet.

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