Importance of Technology in Data Storage

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If you remember the time, or you’ve probably seen it on the internet, in the 1950s where a photo was taken of a 5MB hard drive that is as big as a portable toilet.

You read that right – 5MB, as big as a portable toilet. Imagine how much effort and work it took to “transfer” the data, much more investing on a data storage that can hold the most important files of your life.

Nowadays, 5MB is just one mp3 or one photo in your phone. If you imagine the difference – from a portable toilet to a micro memory card – you will be in awe at how much technology has improved our lives, specifically in data storage.

Office/workplace files

Imagine your regular office day: working on your computer, creating and saving files, completing reports and basically having your world revolve around computer files.

Now imagine not being able to save these files on a storage space and everything crashes on your computer. We know – sick, right?

Data storage has brought a new meaning to the word “convenience” when it comes to file storage and file management.

You can access the files anytime, pick up from where you left off, and even transfer it to another computer, if needed.

You may not have noticed it a lot, but data storage has made your office life slightly easier.

Transporting and transferring files

Again, remember the 5MB memory storage we talked about earlier? Well, it did not really go from that to micro-data storages overnight.

This technology has been continuously improving since it was first introduced – and by improving we mean expanding the storage allowance, compressing the data storage devices used, the works.

Because of this, you can transport and transfer a truckload-worth of files using one small storage device.

Amazing, right? You don’t have to carry around envelopes and folders that have the tendency to slip from your hands. Data storage devices can be kept safely in your purse, delivered safely from point A to point B.

Importance of Technology in Data Storage

Keeping your important files

Of course, data storage back up of your most important files. If you keep a file for any reason and you want to keep it updated and easily-accessible, save it on your data storage device and take the device with you anytime, all the time.

The bigger, the better

When we say “bigger”, we mean bigger storage allowance.

The great thing about this technology is that the storage capacity can grow to as big as hundreds of Gigabytes, but it can still be compressed into a teeny-tiny device that you can keep in your wallet and take with you anywhere.

In today’s world where pretty much anything can be programmed in the computer, some of your most important files (identity, bank information, etc) can be kept in a program and you can carry around with you in a 1-inch data storage device.

Bottom Line

Do you see the power that technology has brought upon us? As metaphorical and exaggerated as it may sound, but with data storage, you can literally carry your life with you anywhere you go.

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