How Technology Can Get You Better Sleep?

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Studies have it that sleeping is very important as this is the only time you get to retrieve the energy you have lost all during the daytime finishing errands or simply doing your daily tasks at home or at work.

It can sometimes be annoying when you retire for the day and you end up turning over and over and bed and unable to sleep for whatever unknown reason. The quality of your sleep depends on the environment you are in and the way your mind and body relax.

For your convenience, there have been waves of technology that can get anybody better sleep compared to the on and off shuteye they usually did days back.

Here is a good reference for you to see technologies that can get you better sleep:

Proactive Sleep

Having a mechanical clock with snooze feature and ambient music which can be comparable to the lullabies for children, this app can be stored on any smartphone you have so you get a partner in terms of having a good night’s sleep or whenever necessary.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Making things a habit is the best way to get used to it. One of these is sleeping. Literally, sleep with the iPhone sitting next to you and monitor your sleeping patterns. You can as well set the clock to wake you up only when your sleep is at its lightest. This will then get you refreshed.

Somnus Sleep Shirt

This is a wearable shirt with embedded electronics designed to match the breathing patterns of the user. The fabric itself is designed to be worn at night where sleep can be elusive.

The shirt has a pocket with a chip that determines your sleeping behavior and adjusts to it automatically.


Not just a wearable technology designed to watch over your sleep patterns, this one can also count your breathing patterns, your pulse rate, and your blood pressure at a given period of time. This way, you can tell when you should sleep and when would your body allow you to.

Jawbone Up

Powered by a GPS monitoring device, your health progress can simply be tracked with this device.

Your sleep and the quality of your rest is measured where then you can have it compared to that of the others in your social circle featuring their own progress.

Bottom Line

When someone is deprived of sleep or simply just lack of it, a number of medical problems can happen as a result. While the world has gone attached and dependent on technology, experts looked for the best way to improve sleep, and they found it on technology.

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