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The broad importance of technology

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The importance of technology for every one of us has changed significantly in merely 200 years. The second industrial revolution happening in the 20th century led to a change in meaning for the word “technology”. After 1930 technology referred to the industrial arts, having a broad application including tools, machines, weapons, housing, clothing, communication, and transport devices. It also refers to the way we produce and use them.

The importance of technology becomes apparent in solving real world problems with the help of tools and machines that achieve value after mental and physical effort is used in realizing them. Those tools and machines for which we manifest a state of dependence, more or less, can include everything from a wooden spoon to more complex creations like space stations.

When talking about the importance of technology we should not skip the fact that technology influences or changes a culture. If we were to have an ample view regarding this change we could say that technology has a positive influence because it benefits all our lives. The perfect positive example is the advances of technology in the field of communication which have succeeded in breaking the barriers to human interaction.  The perfect negative example would be the facilitation of political oppression and war through the technological advances in the weapons industry.

The importance of technology in our modern lives

Sometimes we take the importance of technology for granted because we don’t realize all the time how much it has resolved the problems of mankind, technology aiming to ease our lives in most of the areas. Technology is part of everything we do, whether traveling, cooking, talking to our friends with the help of the Internet, or working.

If you are interested in the importance of technology you should simply thing at how it affects our daily lives. Or better said imagine how our lives would be without technology, which would wake up every one of us. Technology is the foundation of our societies, which is the better definition for the importance of technology. Sure, societies should be founded on law and good government but that would not be much without science and technology.

When assessing the importance of technology in our modern lives you should think how would be if we would be deprived of technology for only one month. I think chaos will rule our modern societies. Technology is not always about comfort, is about order across the world, is about evolution in every possible aspect.

Importance of technology for scientists

Scientists apply technology to accomplish a function. They are the people that make all this wonders for ordinary minds. They are the ones giving life to technology and controlling it. They are the one that can objectively assess the importance of technology.

Scientists make improvements all the time for us to arrange our present lives with maximum efficiency and to be able to foreseen what will happen in the future. No scientist will ever say that there is nothing to be invented anymore. The importance of technology is not a static thing.


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