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Students facing Computer to Study

Technology to Education

Technology is essentially the need of the hour. With the advancement of technology in today’s world, it is very important to keep a pace with it. It has already been witnessed previously, with every invention, a new technological pioneer appearing the human race has taken a gradual leap towards evolution. The revolutionary movement is the movement of technology, with has encompassed all the possible fields of our lives and has literary made the “impossible” well within our grabs, therefore making it “possible. The sole reason for our luxury and comfort, something we very much brag about is practically due to the technological reason. Similarly, technology is also the quintessential component which has an increasing role in modern day education. The importance of technology in education is essential in making students deft in operating the newer devices that are cropping up everyday.

Technology is something which changes regularly, and the change is mostly for the better. The change, as mentioned earlier as well is so rapid that it gets bit difficult to cope up with. However, it is expected in the sector of education, more than the teacher the student should have an improved and updated technical knowhow. Especially because the students are pros in handling technological tidbits beyond the periphery of schools and colleges due to their access to the virtual world and other technical gadgets viz. cell phones and I-pads amongst others, more often than teachers who perhaps are not that frequent gadget users due to their prior commitments towards their work.

The importance of technology in education has several reasons behind it. For instance, the access increases in a steadfast manner to a variety of learning recourses. The limits get widened up easily things which one would always thought to remain unexplored, are well within the grip now. The immediacy is also something which is the gift of technology to us. Anytime, anywhere you need to know anything under the sun- technology is there to help you out. The world in entirely, rather the theory of everything (including understanding the cosmos) is just one click away. Apart from this, for the education of a student library has a very grave role to play but not always one gets the access to all sorts for materials at one specific place. Technology, through the internet has a solution to this as well. Google is probably the answer to all the possible query appearing in one’s mind and we just know how to get rid of that query so easily.

Child Playing Building Blocks

Education Tehnology

The introduction of computer visualization and a virtual projector in the classroom has essentially raised the standards much above what it was previously. Visual memory is always better than bookish knowledge, a well-known fact by now and computers are just here to help us out with that. Distant education, which enables one to complete his /her education in correspondence to some world renowned institution, is something we really owe to technology. Also, the multiple channels of communicating with the world at large, through e-mail, blogs, forums, chats etc, is really an unmatched invention till date.


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  • Randomhero

    While I believe that technology can help further your education because you have the power to research any article or topic via the internet Google search. I think that if its too accessible during school hours it can actually hinder your grades. Why? Well what kid do you know that is 100% perfect and focuses on studies & learning? Of course they are going to want to play games & text friends!