The Importance of Electronic Voting

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Gone are the days when voting was done manually-where people ticked boxes of who they wanted to vote, folded the ballot, and dropped it in the ballot box. When everyone in the area has finished voting, the ballots will be counted and the votes will be tallied. But now, this process has changed because of electronic voting.


Electronic voting ensures security in handling the votes. Hacking of the system will be detected because there would be a discrepancy between the electronic count and the paper count. Electronic voting promises confidentiality as it also safeguards the privacy of the votes and our government.

Can Be Audited

Electronic voting makes it easy for vote recount and audits because it has to be compared to the number of the paper count with the electronic count. This allows all parties, especially the citizens, to see electoral transparency too.

Faster Results

The results of the elections would no longer last for days, even weeks, because of manual counting and tallying of votes.

Now, with the help of electronic voting, the results can be seen after a few hours. This is very convenient and makes the citizens build trust in the system and government too.

Confident Voters

The rise of electronic voting does not only make the voting process faster and more efficient, but it also increases the confidence of the voters. It assures them that their votes will be properly counted and also renews the interest and trust in the political system once more.

This kind of voting may also increase the number of voters. For those who are staying in a geographically isolated area, electronic voting via email may be a solution to that problem. With electronic voting, it can increase the participation of voters as it also makes it more convenient for them.


Electronic voting can be a means to reduce, if not completely eliminate, fraudulent schemes of other politicians.

The system does not allow ballot tampering, as long as paper ballots are not printed out. If this was the case, then there would still be fraud happening.


The system will make it more convenient for persons with disabilities, those who are ill, those who are living abroad, individuals who are on vacation, as they can still participate in the elections. Electronic voting also prevents long lines at the polls, so it would be comfortable, easy and fast for everyone.

Bottom Line

Electronic voting does have its disadvantages too, but the pros outweigh the cons of adopting such a system.

The world is moving forward, so why not the voting system too? And this is one of the best and most effective ways to address the voting needs of all eligible voters of a certain country.

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