The Impact of Technology to Global Development

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The development of local and foreign countries has increased its pace as technology effectively aids the delivery of global projects. Challenges to countries all over the globe were dealt with accordingly and the results have become too visible looking at the high-rise buildings, technologically advanced inventions, and the ever-ambitious creations of humans using the available sciences. New innovations have benefited people in as much as they are wallowing in ultimate comfort, convenience, and entertainment in their lifetime. Communication and transportation, health and medicine, education, and sports – all these have leaped and improved a great deal all with the advent of modern technology.

The process of global development concerning technologies cranked up in the latest generation where great efforts were extended for the success of the whole procedure. Here are some aspects of living where technology impacts to global development:


Crop production anywhere has improved in a sophisticated manner. The invention and availability of heavy farming equipment, fertilizers, and improved animal harvest have become easy and more productive.

Now, import and export from one country to another are also strengthened so one supports another and vice versa so both can have the same products.


From food supply to job distribution concerning the water-based industry, there are high-end technologies present to take care of all the necessary procedures and production management. The scientific results of studies and observations made turn out to become equipment and machines essential for humankind’s benefit.


There seems to be no place unreachable way as of this time. Humans never stopped in studying pathways and creating roads and transport facilities with the use of technology so the issue of difficult transportation will be apprehended.

Airways, ocean tracks, and land trails opened a great way for transport vehicles to aid traveling people.


Smartphones and electronic gadgets can be purchased anywhere around the globe. In fact, even ids now have access to these technological creations. Passing through a message no longer require longer time as connection are now available anywhere. In fact, the transmission of information can be done in seconds compared to the traditional way of the conference.


Houses and buildings anywhere around the world are now powered with lights and all the other electronic comfort equipment which are responsible for the convenience of the people’s lifestyle.

Basic errands that require manual maneuvering back then were all made easy and seamless, much to the relief of all humankind.

Bottom Line

All the technological innovations are actually brought about by human knowledge and endless attempt to answer challenges the world is throwing among humankind. The idea is to channel the same development towards the rest of the people as they experience all the good things they get out of these technological innovations.

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