The Impact of Technology in Warring Countries

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Just as the countries have been all striving to achieve the best technology, modern warfare is also catching up. The breakthrough in weapons and battle machines has been optimized, especially in those countries that are sinfully rich and can really afford high-end bullets, guns, missiles, and similar factors responsible for arming warring countries.

As much as there are too many world peace proponents trying to bridge gaps between these countries, each still wants to really head and lead the rest of the gang. Every country leader wants power and they do that by having a war between them and their people.

Technology plays a great role in making these battles happen. Weapons have gone way too sophisticated due to the great inventions made out of the human imagination.

These warring countries have been doing their best to actually lower down fatalities from their end so they made machines and systems which are virtually harmful to the rest of the world in their quest for power and rule. Here are some of the technologies’ best creating greater impact between warring countries:


This is short for Rocket Propelled Grenade. This has come about after World War II has concluded. This weapon is carried by the shoulders contrary to the heavy tank. This fires rockets with a highly damaging explosive warhead. This is the weapon of choice by most countries.


These are basically surprising nets or traps against enemies. This is one dirty offspring of technological warfare.

This uses semtex and fertilizer and this is highly harmful not only to the military of the other party but also with innocent civilians. This has been improved since 1970.


This is short for Man-Portable Air Defense System. Others call this war device a stinger. This has an accurate capability to hit an aircraft, that used in the battle or otherwise. This enables the military to hit a moving battle jet from a long distance. This can strike an enemy from afar.


Short for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, this is run by a navigator remotely controlled. This is usually set afar from the battle arena.

In an aim to create a hazard against the opposing country, this can ruin a large territorial portion. This is used to target, mark, and aim the enemies.

Bottom Line

Drones, machine guns, and many others have been in existence prior to the above yet these are still as harmful as they were during their times. Mortality among warring countries increased just as the technological advancement of weapons had also reached over the limit. This is how technology impacts the warring countries.

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