Role of Technology in Teaching Learning Process

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Technologies have affected in almost every field of human activity especially in the field of teaching learning process. Technology plays a potential role especially in distance education in order to reach the maximum number of students and audience. The role of technology in this endeavor is growing faster and stronger. The technological and information age becomes an era of knowledge providing unmatched visibility in the field of discovery, information gets exchanged, exploration and communication in order to strengthen the teaching learning process. Technology helps in promoting knowledge and opportunity throughout the world. Correct information is always required for effective teaching and learning. These are the following roles of technology in this field.

Information technology – the world changed

Knowledge is regarded as the power and it only comes from having information. Information technology extends knowledge beyond graphical boundaries of a country providing huge information to the students around the globe. Information technology includes computer, internet and video conferencing. It helps the teachers and students having up to date knowledge and information. Information technology promotes the opportunities of restructuring the teaching learning process. Blessings of information technology also considered an important prospect as well.

 Impact of Technology in Teaching Learning Process

Students gain confidence and motivation in their studies

Using various kinds of technologies, students now can decide what to study and also how to make their future better. With the help of technology students can work in a more supportive environment, gets information from teachers and share their own learning experience and ideas with others in a productive fashion. Both students and teachers can work together and can share their knowledge. Moreover, technology serves students at their ease in case of learning and studying. Students get encouraged with new and innovative kind of technological methods. Technology also helps students in solving doubts and misconceptions regarding various problems.

Role of technology in schools

The use of technology also becomes effective in schools also. With the advancement of various technological devices schools are getting used to with these gadgets. Computers, projectors, white boards are considered as the main gadgets in a classroom. Teachers can now able to demonstrate more easily with the help of computers and projectors. Moreover a website is created where teachers can post assignments and home works for students. With the help of wireless microphones, students can hear more clearly and teachers do not have to shout. Whiteboards comes with a touch control function and teachers can show the information directly from the computer. Hardware and software technologies facilitate the learning process. Students are now able to participate in learning communities and various competitive exams around the globe. They are free in making their choice regarding their courses and access to resources. They can learn and share information with each other. Role of teacher is also quite different with the new system than the conventional system. Teachers guide their students in their studying by providing various additional information downloaded from the internet. Teachers help their students in utilizing the correct information from the internet.

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