Role of Technology in Second World War

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The second great war or the World War 2 was fought between the Allied and the Axis powers. The Axis powers were under the group of Nazi Germany and the island nation of Japan and the kingdom of Italy.

The Allies were headed by the United Kingdom with France, Soviet Russia and United States taking the part of the other instrumental players on the other side.

With any great war, the advent of newer and state of the art technologies is generally brought to the fore. Both sides incorporated some newer and modern technologies to combat the opposing party.

The blitzkrieg was a tactic which was first used by the Germans to attack the enemy at very high speed and with extreme force to break through the barriers of enemy defense.

This form of attack was the first time to be used in any major war fought out between nations and certainly proved to be quite a success in the beginning.

This was most definitely a technological advancement used in the process of fighting a war.

Use of technology in the war

The use of technologically advanced airplanes like the Heinkel He 177 which was the only long distance bomber to be used during the time again proved to be a success.

It was first used by the Luftwaffe and was manufactured in very large numbers during the world war in Germany. The process of building heavy machines like those generated a war time boost in Germany and the local currency was appreciating with respect to other nations.

Dive bombing techniques which were only sparsely used in the Spanish war was used for the first time extensively during the second great war.

This necessitated the design and invention of better aircrafts with lower drag and traction which could nose dive into certain pockets at very high speed and bomb the area beyond repair.

This was the first time that 4 engine aircrafts were thought of and the same was also built and used in the war.

Role of Technology in Second World War

some other technology usage

Lighter aircrafts like the Messersch mitt BF 109 were built and the aircraft included features like an all metal monocoque, a closed rectangular receptacle and a retractable landing gear all within the same.

These were major technological breakthroughs which were incorporated in aircrafts during the time.

The use of underwater torpedoes of German and United States warcraft sailing vessels was also invented during the time. Torpedoes which bore into the bodies of enemy vessels during the war proved to a major success for both the axis and the allied powers during the war.

Liquid cooled engines used in sailing vessels was first thought of during the second great war, concepts which are used widely in building computer processors today.

Bottom Line

This was also the first time that the powerful V12 engine was inverted and used in war vehicles. The use of missiles during the second world war was also very popular.

These missiles were technologically much more advanced than those missiles used in wars in the past in their range and destruction capabilities.

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