Role of Technology in Mining

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Mining is one of the most hazardous occupations attributing a lot of accidents and deaths. Mining is basically extracting materials or resources that are commonly found beneath the earth. These materials may be in the form of energy resources such as coal, oil, and petrol, or precious minerals and metals such as gold, diamonds, metals, and other elements found underneath the earth. Mining this wealth does not be as simple as just digging underneath to unearth these materials, but may require a complicated process of unearthing them. Surface mining and underground mining are made easier with the use of technology.

The hazard that is bestowed upon miners is gradually lessening which makes mining a safer professional as compared to how it was decades ago. Mining accidents were rampant and thousands of lives are taken in just one accident in the mines.

It is estimated that around 5000 miners die in China a year. Aside from mine accidents, the mining industry contributes to environmental issues that we face. The pollution that the mining industry produces kills a lot of our body of water and kills the soil that it throws its chemicals in. Technology is trying to eliminate these to help to mine less of a hazard to the environment as well.

The Coming of the Internet

With the coming of the internet, miners are able to connect to the internet to work anywhere around the world. Being able to this allows miners the option to work at a comfortable and safe workplace. The lesser time spent in mines, the lesser deaths in case accidents happen.

Also, the mining industry can automate knowledge work using intelligent systems that can do technical work and let miners focus on their hands-on duties ensuring lesser accidents and more productivity. The connectivity of everything will ensure smoother transitions and transactions allowing everyone to easily monitor their parts. Manufacturing and logistics become automatic and efficient.

Advanced Robotics in Mining

The use of robotics in mining will not only cut the costs that the mining industry will incur but also save miners from occupational hazards of being exposed to dangerous elements that will pose as a threat in the long run such as diseases like cancer, radiation, asthma, and other illnesses that may shorten the life of these workers.

In works that require accuracy and dexterity, the use of this robotics will become just like using robots or mechanical arms in factories. These robots do not have to be monitored and can do the work with minimal supervision. With this feature, people can do other jobs while others work on something else. Another technology that also has this kind of concept is semi-automatic vehicles that can deliver and provide deliveries without drivers.

Bottom Line

They are computerized to deliver or may be monitored by one person using one computer. These trucks are very efficient since they will not need different drivers, therefore, saving miners time and money. The mining industry can hire more miners to focus on handling the mines.

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