Role Of Technology In Mall Innovations

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Malls are in jeopardy of dying out due to the rise of online shopping. Tenants believe that they no longer need to pay expensive rents in high-end malls just to be able to gain customers and clients. Everything is becoming digital and with the fast-paced lifestyle that we are in, convenience is much preferred than going to the mall, waiting in line, and even waiting in traffic just to even get there. This is one of the main reasons why there is a boom in online malls.

What then happens to the regular malls? Many of the malls are trying to be more innovative incorporating certain technologies as a come-on to their clients. They try to bring experiences that are not available at online malls. Sure the convenience allows buyers to buy with ease but live malls may offer them experiences that will entertain and fascinate them as well.

Some malls will even go to the extent of relocating stores for the convenience of the shoppers, provide extra services and amenities, and make shopping as comfortable as possible for the clients.

Data Collection and IDs

Gathering data on the behavior of shoppers is now being incorporated to design malls and use that information to make the malls easier to access for shoppers. Shoppers’ cell phones are being used to track down and use their cell phone signals to locate their movements and whereabouts. They would try to analyze their movements as to whether shoppers tend to buy the product or look around and compare prices before buying these products. Mall owners use this information to relocate establishments that would be most convenient for the shoppers.

Some malls ID their clients using face detection. This technology would benefit both clients and the mall tenants alike since advertising will be based on the client’s preferences and what the clients often buy at the mall.

The ads that they will be viewing as they pass by the ad signs will be based on what they often buy at the mall. This will also be helpful to advertisers since they will also be given information on who views their signs, the age, gender, and other information about their target market.

Electronic Shopping Mall

In South Korea, technology has been paving the way in doing groceries. It is no longer a major task that people have to go through. It has become easier since they are provided with virtual stores that have photos of the items and by using their smartphones are able to take pictures of the items and they are then added to their virtual carts.

Bottom Line

They are then asked where the groceries should be sent to and asked for their credit details for payment. Even before the shopper gets home, the shopping bags or groceries are already delivered home. Shopping is becoming so convenient that going around carrying dozens of shopping bags will no longer be experienced by shoppers. Also, this could prevent shoplifting and other petty crimes around the mall.

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