Role of Technology in Live Solo Performance

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Nowadays, solo artists are increasing day by day. They too are turning towards technology. With the proper application in live solo performance, the music has come alive. The sound system gets more evolved with the advancement of technology. There are huge benefits that can make anyone’s mind up toward solo performance.

The use of technology in live solo performance is increasing substantially in recent years. With the help of technology, practice and experience have been evolved. Designing for live performance is set to become a vital concern for practitioners and design researchers. Live performance is a challenging job as the experience of both audience and performers is highly influenced.

Benefits of technology in solo bands

If anyone is more non-technical-minded, then it will be better for him to stick with the traditional elements. The apt usage of technology in live performance makes it easy in making music on computers but one must keep in mind to set up at almost every practice.

Quirky effects have been done with a button to set off loops which are perfect for any performance. Technology is moving with high speed but it must be kept in mind that the audience still wants to see elements of live performance.

Advantage of using technology rather than jazz artists

In addition, new ways of using technology have evolved day today. Machines are not used for gigs; they do not make an album which is dedicated to jazz artist and they do not leave for money, drinks, etc. The machine does not interfere between work and the ideas of a person can be totally destroyed with the involvement of other people. If anyone is thinking that he can work with another artist to make the music then it is still possible to live his musical dream with the help of technological advancements.

Improvisation must be needed

Improvisation is one of the most significant sources of variation between live performances which is still not been addressed. Improvisation in live musical performance acts as a spontaneous kind of making music.

Improvisation is been separated as a different form of performance as both composition and performance are done simultaneously. The act of improvisation usually helps in the improvement of performance from the non-improvised performance. Improvisation is not only considered as a key element of the viewer experience of live solo performance. Sometimes, it has been argued that improvisation can strongly differentiate the improviser’s experience from a nonimprovised performer.

Steps must be taken when things go wrong

Being a solo performer everything must be arranged properly but sometimes things can go in the wrong direction. Then the first thing he must do is to fix the problem. Playing new tunes by machines may be simpler but if that does not work, the artist must have to think about the impression of him that falls on fans.

Bottom Line

Moreover, he does not have anything to blame for mistakes in front of a live audience. The right thing is not to panic and not to give up the musical dream. Just sort out the problem and everything is going to be all right.

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