Role of Technology in E-Commerce

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With the advancement in technology, the old way of doing business is changing drastically right now. More and more businesses are moving on to the World Wide Web to have a web presence for their businesses. Businesses that do not have an online presence would be at a severe disadvantage when it comes to improving the profits and customer base in the long run. Internet and information technology have revolutionized the way businesses are done today. Most of the businesses in developed countries have e-commerce sites that are very essential to interact with the customer and would provide the customer much ease when arriving at a buying decision.

Impact of Technology in E-Commerce

 Information Technology and the Advancement of E-Commerce

There are highly advance platforms now to connect with the customer. Blackberry, Android and iPhones have changed the way businesses deal with the final customer. IT is of utmost importance to any business entity that is looking to maximize profits and cut overheads. Advanced database systems that would enable a business entity to store valuable client information are vital in this age of technological advancement. This is an efficient way to track customer behavior and get sales conversions at a lower cost and higher return on investment. Information technology has many more advantages in providing an e-commerce business with growth opportunities and higher returns.

Advance Development of Businesses – This is one of the major advantages of shifting to an online based business model. IT services would cater to speedy execution of specific tasks of a business and help to handle different accounts with ease and efficiency than before. Accounting and customer relationship software is tremendously helpful in this regard. Designing different services and products through the technology available in IT, is another advantage of shifting to this important field. Information technology could be used to enhance the research and development unit of the business, thereby providing new business opportunities to the company to rake in additional profits.

Networking – Tapping into different client segments through information technology is one of the most effective ways to improve a business. Using social media in this respect is very effective in getting new clients to an e-commerce business. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn could be used to interact with like-minded clients and showcase your products and services to them. This would not cost anything to the business and would guarantee an increase in its client base in no time. These clients would be able to order your product or service through the e-commerce site and increase e-sales and the profit base tremendously. This would increase the client-company relationship due to personal interactions on social media sites. It could affect the profit component in a healthy way as a result. Businesses without this aspect would not be able to survive in the market, in the long run.

This is how technology has improvised, how businesses are conducting themselves in this competitive business environment. If you are to succeed in this environment; you should take your business online right now.

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