Importance of Technology in International Businesses

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Through the years, technology had played a vital role in businesses. Whether it be an old, new, small, or big business, it is surely relying on the dependable capabilities of technology in one way or another. Businesses have become extremely dependent on technology that once it is taken away, businesses will surely become crippled.

Although the business has started with a simple barter system, it had existed for a long time now and in the last few decades; technology had helped businesses advance towards their betterment. One of the types of businesses that technology had helped grow is those international businesses that truly became dependent on technology.

What is international business?

International business comprises all kinds of transactions that take place between different regions, countries, and nations. Private companies do it sorely for profit while governments undertake these transactions for either profit or political reasons. Some of the things being transacted are goods, services, managerial knowledge, and technology.

Here are some of the benefits given by technology to international businesses:


As seen from the definition of international business, it involves transactions from different regions and even nations. If it weren’t for technology, the identification or name of international business will not be heard or known by possible customers from a different country or nation. Technology helps international businesses to reach customers from all over the world.


If it weren’t for technology, international businesses will not be able to communicate properly with their customers and suppliers.

If it weren’t for the ability to instantaneously communicate with people around the world via computers or other devices, international businesses will not even have the capacity to expand overseas.


Since international businesses have more complex supply chains compared to local businesses, they need various technologies to help them keep track of the development, manufacturing, shipping, and purchasing of their products. One of the great benefits of technology to international businesses is the ability to track their products which allow businesses to be ensured whether they reached their customers. Technology also allows international businesses, or simply any kind of business, to manage and store all the information within the company using spreadsheets, databases, and other documents stored in computers.

Lower prices

Technology also allows businesses to find suppliers from all around the world that sell parts of their products or even finished products for a lower amount compared to the local production houses in their region or country.

With this, international businesses will also be able to sell their products at a lower price compared to others since they were able to save quite an amount of money in the production costs.

Bottom Line

Technology had truly played a vital role in the lives of both businesses and consumers. If it weren’t for technology, international businesses would not reach its customers from all around the world and thus, it will not have the ability to grow further. Taking away technology from international business, all operations within the business will surely experience collapse. Thus, technology is truly important for international businesses.

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