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Engineering has played a very vital role in our society. With the advancement of technology, engineering continuously updates its methods and techniques in order to cope up with the technological enhancements that are emerging today. Technology and engineering work hand in hand with each other. Without the other, one can be totally handicapped and might possibly be hard to get in function. The reliance of one on the other greatly affects the success of their respective pursuits.

In agricultural engineering, the concept of technology is used in the design of agricultural machinery,  resource management, soil management and conservation, livestock production, processing of food crops, harvesting, tillage and a lot more. Agriculturists and its associates rely progressively on technology. Skills in this field are necessary in the present and future workforce. In rural areas, where most of agricultural activities take place, people are being left behind with the advancing technological sophistication. Government should conduct programs that would boost the competence of youth in these areas for the development of their agriculture. Supplying relevant knowledge on technological breakthroughs to people in rural areas can contribute to the enrichment of their lives and also for economic success.

Two Large Gears and Blueprint

Applied Technology to Engineering

In chemical, biochemical and petroleum engineering, technology paved a crucial role in these fields of study such as in plant design, unit operations, designing of bioreactors, computer-aided chemical operations design, process control, manufacturing of petrochemicals, synthesis of drugs and process technology used in automated manufacturing of plastic films. Also, technologies that help in the improvement of public health greatly depend on the advancements of these fields of engineering.

In civil and industrial engineering, technological principles are being used in the design and construction of physical structures such as buildings, roads, dams, bridges, canals and the like including their maintenance and sustainability. Construction software is an example of a very useful civil engineering technology. It helps civil engineers in designing different kinds of structures. Complicated constructions before can now easily created with the help of civil engineering software. This advanced technology can accommodate vast imaginations and creativities in the world of construction. Also, this technology can help civil and industrial engineers accelerate their time for planning and designing projects.

In computer and electronic communications engineering, computers and electronic communication devices are forms of ever-advancing technology that are being used in these fields of study. They are products of technology that are now being studied as college courses in almost all collegiate universities. Technology plays a vital role in software and hardware design including microprocessors, analog sensors, personal computers, circuit boards, supercomputers, operating systems, communication devices and robotics.Without technology, computers, internet and mobile phones would never exist. Everything that is being dealt with in these engineering fields involves technology.

Technology is indeed an essential part in the study of engineering. Technology eases the lives of engineers. As time goes by and as technology continue advancing, engineering became easier. The goals of engineering were met through the help of technology. Engineers continue in advancing technologies to increase efficiency,improve effectiveness and reduce costs.

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