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Education is an essential need of every human being. It is what provides us wisdom. Many years ago, boards and pens were used by the teachers to teach their students. But the consistent progress of technology has changed the entire education system. Now, the smart classrooms are in trend and teachers make use of audio-visual aids to teach their students. The audio – visual aids helps students to understand the concept thoroughly. So, there should be no doubt in the fact that technology holds a great importance in classrooms. If we closely observes the features and facilities of a smart classrooms; we well get to know vital reasons which reflects the importance of technology in classrooms. Some of these prominent reasons have been summarized below:

Detailed Knowledge

Generally, the knowledge of the class led by a teacher is limited to the knowledge of the teacher. But in case of tech savvy classrooms, the students can gain abundant knowledge and they can learn many useful things. Sitting in a tech savvy classroom, a student can learn about history and culture of any country around the world. This helps the students in enhancing their interpersonal and social skills. Good interpersonal and social skills are very important for developing a good personality. Using internet, a student can study the things in detail and hence understanding the topics comprehensively.

Students Learning with the Help of Laptops

Learning with the help of Technology

Active Participation

The use of technology and audio – visual aids motivates the students to search the topic on internet and gather more information about it. When a student searches a topic on internet, he makes the decision that whether the information on a particular web page is relevant or not. This way the students gain the decision making ability. After gathering the information, the students decides that how would he use that information. This improves the presentation skills of the students. The tech savvy classrooms are much better than the classrooms that are led by teachers who passively impart their knowledge to the students. Active participation of the students is very important for them to learn in an efficient way.

Real – life Work Experience

The smart classrooms offer a great environment to the students where they can actually experience the real – life work. The teachers play the role of facilitator in tech savvy classrooms. The teacher sets the goal for the students and allots them the projects which they need to complete within stipulated time. This makes the student meet deadlines. Technology has made students very smart. The students and the teachers exchange information to increase their knowledge bank. It would not be wrong if we say that technology is playing a very crucial role in education system to prepare the students for competitions. Learning in a tech savvy classroom helps them in getting prepared for working in the business organizations.

Globe Surrounded with Laptops

Technology in Education

Increased Motivation

A latest research reveals that the films and slide shows make it easy for the students to learn new lessons. It seems very interesting to learn through slide shows and films and sometimes it inspires students to attend school every day.

It is very clear that technology plays a valuable role in education system. In other words, technology is making students smart and preparing them for future competitions.

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