DNA Testing

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DNA testing is done by taking a sample of blood or a swab of cheek cells from inside the mouth and isolating the DNA from it. It has to be done in special laboratories that are equipped to handle this kind of testing. There are numerous benefits is doing a DNA test. It is being used to solve crimes by collecting samples of hair, skin etc., from the crime scene. Other benefits include tracing a parent of a child and checking for history of family diseases etc. If a person is always getting angry and coming out in a rage, it can be traced back to his or her ancestors by ordering a DNA test.

DNA testing is accepted by the scientific community and law enforcement officials as a 100% accurate test in solving most of the unsolved crimes and medical problems that our society is facing today.

DNA Testing

DNA Testing

Get Your DNA Test Done Online

In the past a DNA test would have taken weeks to get the results. But now with the advancement of technology in this field, we can get it by clicking a few buttons online. There are online websites that offer this service for a small fee. You need to register with them and they will send the kit that is needed to collect the sample. When you send it back to them, you would get the results within a day or two. Since the payment could also be made online with a credit card; you definitely could save valuable time and money in this process.

There are several types of DNA tests available right now. One type is where the Mitochondrial DNA is tested. It is called “MtDNA” test. This is used to test both the mother and the child to see whether both are having common maternal ancestry or not. Mitochondrial DNA cells do not get mixed with other cells. Hence it is very easy to test Mitochondrial DNA cells.

Another type is called PCR or Polymerase Chain Reaction. It can be used to identify a person’s DNA, using small samples. This is mostly used in crime solving or similar situations. Since the samples collected at crime scenes could be very small or rare, this type of DNA test is best suited for it.

Short Tandem Repeat or STR is another effective DNA testing technology available today. The STR method could be used to differentiate the DNA samples that are found in a certain location. It is effective when solving crimes where two people or more are involved.

Another test used is “Y Line” test. It is used mostly to determine paternal ancestry. Two people having common surnames could be checked whether they are linked through paternal ancestry using this method. This test could be also used to find the true father of a child. All this has been made possible with the advancement of technology in DNA testing.

Discussed above are some of the advancements in technology that has positively affected DNA testing down the line.

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