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The latest defense strategies are introduced in the U.S. military department this year. It was announced by President Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. These strategies can make the military much faster, efficient, accurate, and be more advanced, technologically. It includes using the latest technologies like mobile communication devices, surveillance systems, and aircraft which are much more advanced than the present ones. These advanced and high-end devices have changed the way we look at the defense and its functioning these days.

Type of Tools used in Defense:

Here the tools will be of two types; one type will be new additions like “Shrike” which is a small drone under development that can transfer the Intel to the commanders who are at the ground. And the other type is the modified tools which have been used for a long time like the “manpack” radio which was used in Afghanistan.

Office of Naval Research is hosting an industry day for discussing the plan to develop a solid-state laser weapon that can be used against flying targets and on small boats. This is related to the direct- energy technology on which ONR is working on. Requests for the various proposals will also be planned during this event. These latest technologies are changing the face of a defense army.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has worked under development for making advanced instruments like Jet that can hit a speed of Mach 20 and also smaller ones like disaster response robots. Other than DARPA, organizations like Naval Research Laboratory, IBM, and major defense contractors also are developing the latest technology equipment that can be used in wars.

There are 20 defense technologies that are highlighted in this visual tour that are either ready to be used or are in the designing phase. The implementation of these devices will depend on the defense budget, mainly because of the slashing of the budget amount to $460 billion for the next ten years. The defense budget for the fiscal year 2013 which is proposed would slash R&D funding by 2.2 to 69.7 billion dollars. But it may not still affect DARPA.

Technology like supersonic aircraft can be utilized for both battles as well as commercial purposes. But certain others can only be used for battle purposes.

DARPA is implementing a program of the name Transformer (TX) which intends to merge the properties of a ground utility vehicle and that of a navigation helicopter in a vehicle which will be very helpful in its movement capabilities.

Bottom Line

This can be used for the purposes of transportation of men who are injured, movement of food and other supplies to the battle areas, and also for transportation of the troops. This vehicle can be driven by a pilot or a soldier and will have the capacity to accommodate up to 4 people in it. These creations of the defense departments can be a boon to the entire defense system and are highly recommended for optimized, low-cost usage. Here the importance of technology is clearly seen as the scenario of the defense sector has vastly changed over the past few decades in the history of the army.

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