Importance of IT in Library Science

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Information Technology retains the key to the success of modernizing information services. Not only does IT insert new ways of information management, it furthermore brings about change in the very structure of information and its communication.

Notions like universal bibliography, accessibility to and availability of articles, irrespective of location, highly personalized services matching client needs/interests with document databases, full text explorations, storage and retrieval with pace and accuracy, etc.

have all been accomplished to a large span. Submission of IT are many but mainly it is utilized altering the living paper-print notes in the whole method of storage, dissemination retrieval, etc. and nationwide and international wide collaboration in the free flow and exchange of data.

Impact of Information Technology

IT impacted on every sphere of learning library undertaking e.g. the form of the library, collection development schemes, library construction and consortia. IT has changed the learned library in a deep way.

In learned libraries, ITs present an opening to provide value-added information services and access to a broad kind of digital-based information assets of their clients.

Further, libraries are also utilizing up to date ITs to automate their core purposes, apply efficient and productive library collaboration and resource distributing schemes, apply administration information schemes, evolve institutional repositories of digital local content, and digital libraries; and start IT-based capability construction programs for library employees and information literacy programs for library users.

Importance of IT in Library Science

Libraries in USA

Although, for most libraries in USA, use of ITs is mostly restricted to traditional library automation, i.e. restoring manual procedures by computerized methods.

Innovative use of information and communication technologies in libraries is not prevalent and it is made tough, if not unrealistic, by several challenges or constraints, encompassing need of capital to sustain the IT infrastructure, incompetence by librarians / libraries to hold up with the pace of developments in ITs, inadequate IT amenities in the libraries, lack of employees with befitting skills to organize ITs both at the strategic and operational grades, nonattendance of institutional principles and schemes to support and direct the use of ITs, and need of ample knowledge and abilities to organize digital information assets and to deal with issues relating to copyright intellectual property rights in a digital information natural environment.

IT has brought unprecedented change and transformation to learned library and information services. accepted LIS such as OPAC, client Services, Reference Service, Bibliographic Service, present perception Service, Document consignment, Inter-library loan, Audio-Visual Services and customer relatives can be provided more competently and competently by utilizing IT, as they offer convenience of time and location, cost effectiveness, faster and most up to designated day dissemination and end user’s engagement in the LIS methods.

Bottom Line

Influence of IT on information services is distinguished by alterations in format, contents and procedures of production & consignment of information goods, emergence of Internet as largest repository of information and information, changed function of LIS professional from intermediary to facilitator, new devices for dissemination of information, shift from physical to virtual service natural environment, and extinction of some accepted information services and emergence of new and innovative world wide world wide web founded LIS.

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