How Technology Influences Psychology

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Technology and psychology seem to be tied together this time. The addictive games the children play, the unbreakable attachment you have with your smartphones, the tantalizing online shops where you usually check for new apparels and the latest trend, and most of all, the ever-famous social media, which has become a great part of your life ever since it was made known to the world. All these are most commonly blame on technology.

The day to day happenings in the life of people can all now be reflected with the technologically advanced innovations which have been the offspring of the mental awareness of humans to what the world and technology have to offer.

Here is a shortlist of some ways technology influences psychology:

Communication Over the Internet

Intimate communication over free call and video conference applications online is the result of the idea of bridging gaps and distance over families and loved ones from faraway places separated by inevitable circumstances such as poverty or career choices.

Robots In The Household

Once a wish that instead of paying for a homemaker, a robot would at least be around to perform all the tasks humans used to do, now a freaking reality. Again, this is a product of an idea that a perfect replacement that doesn’t get tired as the people do. Wish granted.

Smart Street Lights

No different from the smart lightings inside the home, smart street lights tend to weigh the temperature where when it starts to get dark, it would automatically track all the activities in the street. In fact, this is the psychological effect of trying to create an automatic response.

Avatar Energy Saver

In an attempt to save energy and cut costs, people thought of a way energy will be saved and as a result, produce greater profits. This is when an avatar energy saver happened to have been made into being. This innovation is now trending anywhere around the world.

Online Business and Shopping

People used to dream of something about business and shopping where they need not leave home yet eventually continue what they used to do. This has crossed all the barriers to business and shopping in general.

Bottom Line

All of the above used to just have been some things springing in mind once in a while. Its evolution actually started from psychology as the need started all of the scientific inventions which are now in use all over the world.

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