How Technology Improved Childbirth

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Though the way children are delivered the same way as it was years before, the latest technology has improved the traditional and way of having it out of the mother’s abdomen. There had been some ways associated with childbirth that has changed, however. The change had been for the better, at least. These changes were great factors concerning the risk and danger a woman goes through during delivery or every time a 7 to 9 months pregnancy will finally be over. While it still brings fear to some, especially to first-time mothers, technology did a good job of at least minimizing that fear and for once, loving the pleasure motherhood brings to women.

Dependent on the quality of health care a woman can afford, technology has indeed changed in the way no one before could have thought would exist. Typical childbirth is now heavily assisted with computerized systems and advanced technology. Here are aspects of technologically-improved childbirth factors:


Heartbeat, pulse, and breathing patterns of an infant while inside the mother’s womb is tracked and monitored by physicians and childbirth professional with the use of Doppler and Stethoscope.

There are a few more other doctor’s accessories to do so.

Mother and Child Wellness

As the pregnancy progresses, the mother is supposed to be maintained at optimal health as whatever her health condition is as of the moment, the child is expected to be experiencing the same. This is why monitoring is done month over month over month.


Prior to the childbearing, everything about the physical, mental, and psychological condition of the mother is taken care of and screened with utmost care.

As much as possible, unnecessary illnesses or diseases are avoided from happening or prevented before it can even start.

Diagnostic Tests

Ultrasound and similar ways of actually seeing what is inside the mother’s abdomen is the most advanced manner of diagnosing the health condition of both the infant and the mother. The same test will anticipate the manner and the track the fetus will follow during delivery.


Improved medication to the extent of painless delivery has been made possible with technology. The idea of labor can even be apprehended on the day the baby is scheduled to be delivered.

Time and date of birth can even be manipulated and this is such a great leap in history.

Bottom Line

It may sound natural but it appears that childbirth is after all one human existence which happened to be positively affected by the technological experience. As a result, the way science had evolved; it seems to have moved forward at par with technology where each has been affecting the other one way or another.

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